Can a Dependant Pass Holder Start a Business in MY

The Immigration Department of Malaysia requires Dependant Pass (DP) holders who intend to work to apply for an Employment Pass (EP). Employment Pass applications must be lodged by the hiring companies through the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) online system. In applying for an Employment Pass, the Dependant Pass holder must surrender/shorten their Dependant Pass. Regulations in Malaysia allow foreigners to only have one pass at any given time.

If your spouse holds a Professional Work Permit (DP10) visa instead of an Employment Pass visa, you are also allowed to work. However, the company that you are employed with must be approved by either the Immigration Department, or approving agencies like MDEC and MIDA. Once your job has been approved, you do not need to change your Dependant Pass with an Employment Pass visa, as this will be done by the hiring company. Companies must file applications via the Malaysian Expatriate Services Division (ESD) website. This is available via the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s website. 

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore


Key Points to Note About Being a Dependant Pass Holder 

It is important to note that consent in writing must be given by the Immigration Department before employment can commence. The process of converting a Dependant Pass to an Employment Pass may have varying timelines. This could be due to a number of factors, including more time needed for the verification of official documents. You must also obtain an endorsement on your passport from the Immigration Department before you can start working. 

Dependant Passes in Malaysia are granted to the spouses and children under 18-years of Employment Pass holders. These passes are also applicable to legally adopted children (under 18-years) and parents of the Employment Pass holders. Applications for this visa can be made via the Immigration Department’s ESD website. Applicants will need to log onto the ESD portal, sign into their account and submit an application. The validity period of a Dependant Pass visa will be within a similar duration as the Employment Pass holder.  

Dependant Passes are also applicable for students coming to Malaysia to study a Bachelor’s Degree and above. In this instance, applications must be made through the educational institutions on behalf of your dependants.  


Other Factors Involved in Finding Employment As a Dependant Pass Holder 

Finding employment in Malaysia as a foreigner can be challenging. There are a lot of requirements which need to be met. There is also a substantial cost involved for companies, and finding the right company who is willing to sponsor your employment is where a lot of foreigners tend to struggle. It’s not impossible, but it may prove to be a frustrating process. Managing your expectations in this scenario, can help you deal with searching for suitable employment in Malaysia. Expect the job search process to take some time, and know that you need to be patient and persistent.  

Finding suitable employment is easier if you’ve got a network of connections to help you. Knowing the right contacts can be a big help in this context. Browsing local expat forums where others might be facing a similar situation is another approach you could turn to. Alternatively, you may search local online recruitment websites like Jobstreet, Monster Jobs, and Scoot for employment opportunities.