Every company registered in Malaysia is required to file their corporate tax according to the country’s regulations. Engage our Malaysia corporate tax filing services to get strategic tax planning to maximise overall gains.

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Malaysia has one of the lowest corporate tax rate of 24%, attracting many businesses and entrepreneurs to set up a company in the country.

Here is a checklist of documents required to file your corporate tax in Malaysia.

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Download the full Malaysia corporate tax checklist.


Companies are taxed based on a territorial tax framework in Malaysia. With this framework, taxes are imposed on individuals and businesses on any income earned within the country’s borders. Malaysian companies are assessable on any income accrued in or derived from Malaysia.

Malaysia corporate tax rate


To encourage more investors and businesses to set up in Malaysia, the government has initiated a few tax incentives.

Tax exemptions in Malaysia


Enter your chargeable income to generate the net tax payable for local SMEs and non-local company or branch.

Local SME
First RM 600K (17%)
Remaining amount (24%)
Net tax payable
Effective tax rate
Non-Local Company/Branch
Amount above RM 0 (24%)
Net tax payable
Effective tax rate


As your trusted tax agent in Malaysia, we will assist you in dissecting the complex tax structure and find a solution that works best for your company’s interests. Here are some of the benefits of engaging us as your tax agent:

Trusted Tax Agent

When should you consider using a tax agent? Here are some situations where it will be advantageous to engage a tax agent like Paul Hype Page.

Erroneous Past Tax Returns

Erroneous Past Tax Returns

Get professional advice and assist with filing an amended return and help minimise the damage previously caused as well as the next best steps to take.

New Business Start-up

New Business Start-up

Hiring a tax agent for a business may turn out to be a smart business investment in the long run. It will save you a lot of time and hassle for you to concentrate on your business while you leave the tax matters to the professional.



Currently, Malaysia does not have any form of death tax, estate duty or inheritance tax. There was an estate duty in place until it was abolished on 1 November 1991. This means that, in Malaysia, there is no final tax on the accumulated wealth of a deceased person.

However, should you find yourself inheriting an amount of money, it is best to consult with a professional before filing your tax returns as it is important that the executors file appropriate tax return to declare the deceased’s estate. These details may be unfamiliar to you and a tax agent can ensure that you inherit the estate hassle-free.

Change in Marital Status

Change in Marital Status

Whether newly married or recently divorced, a tax professional can advise the best way to move forward. Generally, divorced couples are advised to file separately so that one does not have to be liable for the other should there be unpaid taxes. A tax agent can also see to it that alimony if any, has either been paid or received properly.

Time Constraint

Time Constraint

Filing tax returns can be time-consuming and aggravating especially when yours is not a simple case of merely deducting tax relief off your chargeable income. A tax agent will be able to ensure that your taxes are done accurately through much quicker and effective work allowing you to make better use of your time, and possibly help you gain tax incentives.

Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge

If you have a lack of knowledge regarding taxation in Malaysia, you may be susceptible to making mistakes which may result in high penalties. Tax agents can help to you figure our sales tax rules and avoid common mistakes like unintentional tax evasion and tax crimes.


We’re specialised in handling corporate taxation in Malaysia, ensuring that your tax compliance meets the standards required for corporate tax submissions and tax filings, while advising you on tax exemptions and incentives.

Types of corporate tax services
  • Keeping you updated with Malaysia’s corporate tax regulations and compliance requirements
  • Monitoring the statutory deadlines and meet the compliance filing deadlines
  • Preparation and filing of your estimated chargeable income
  • Preparation and reviewing tax provision calculations
  • Oversees the process of reviewing Form B and Form P


Based on our experiences with clients, here are the top 5 questions that are frequently asked.

What is SST?2022-07-07T11:45:36+08:00

Sales and Service Tax (SST) compromises of two taxes – sales tax and service tax. The sales tax is imposed by a registered seller on all goods unless exempted by the Minister of Finance. The standard rates are 5% or 10% depending on class of goods.

Service tax is levied at 6%.

Are capital gains taxed in Malaysia?2022-07-07T11:45:16+08:00

Capital gains are not taxed in Malaysia, other than gains which will be taxed under the real property gains tax.

What is the taxable period in Malaysia?2022-07-07T11:45:04+08:00

The Malaysian tax year is the calendar year – 1 January to 31 December.

How does Malaysia corporate tax rate compare against other countries?2022-07-07T11:44:43+08:00

Most countries have a higher corporate tax rate than that of Malaysia. For example, in China, India, and Pakistan, the corporate tax rate is at 25%, 34.61%, and 31% respectively, as compared to 24% in Malaysia.

How does tax administration in Malaysia work?2022-07-07T11:44:21+08:00

Tax administration in Malaysia is based on the concepts of  paying, self-assessing, and filing. Monthly salary deductions are made for individuals with an employment income; they may also be made through installments for individuals with a business income. 

Taxpayers are to compute their own taxes and submit the ITRF to the IRB. The ITRF is to be accompanied by the payment for the balance of the income tax to be paid so as to meet any shortfall in the monthly payments or a claim for repayment if there is an overpayment.

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