How to Get Business Registration Number in Malaysia?

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Consequently, every company in Malaysia will inevitably obtain a business registration number once they have successfully incorporated with the Companies Commission of Malaysia – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).This number will be valid for the entirety of the company’s lifetime.

This guide will share more about obtaining and finding your business registration number.

What is the Business Registration Number?

To differentiate the companies, every country has a set of numerical values to identify the companies that operate in the jurisdiction – Malaysia is no different.

Previously, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) issued a 7-digit number with an alphabet to registered companies. In a move to streamline the process, however, SSM implemented a new format starting from October 2019. This new format consists of 12 digits, beginning with the year of incorporation and excluding any alphabets.

Here are the examples of the current and past business registration numbers:

  • Past: ABCD Sdn. Bhd. – Company No.: 1234567-A
  • New: ABCD Sdn. Bhd. – Company No. 202201234565

The new format follows the following breakdown to derive the 12 digits:

  • The first 4 digits – represent the year the entity since its registration (E.g. 2022)
  • The next 2 digits – represent the type of business activity (E.g. 01)
  • The last 6 digits – represent the unique entity number (E.g. 234565)

The type of business entity is below:

  • 01 – is a locally owned Private/Public Limited Company
  • 02 – is a foreign-owned Private/Public Limited Company
  • 03 – is business registration such as sole proprietorship/partnership
  • 04 – is a locally owned Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • 05 – is a foreign-owned Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • 06 – is for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) specifically for professional practice

When is the Business Registration Number Issued?

The authorities typically generate a unique business registration number once they incorporate an entity.

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) includes the registration number in Section 15 of the Notice of Registration upon successful incorporation. Then, all Company-related documents printed via the official Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) website will also state the company registration number.

What is the Purpose of the Business Registration Number?

Aside from identifying the different businesses in Malaysia, the business registration number is important when carrying out formal applications with the government and other administrative matters.
For instance, these numbers are about to use in the following scenarios:

  • Opening a corporate bank account in Malaysia
  • Register for licenses and permits
  • Register the company profile with government agencies like the Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

In order for an entity to register such profiles, a registration number is always required for the agency to identify the Company on the government’s official website to ensure its legitimacy.

Even though an entity is running an online business, according to the Malaysia Consumer Protection Regulations 2012, the entity must indicate the Company’s business registration number in its official website to avoid the consume

How Does an Entity Have a Business Registration Number?

The first step is to register your company to obtain a registration number. Completing a few steps will grant you the business registration number, allowing you to kickstart your business.

1. Name reservation

To register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), an entity must submit a unique proposed name with a specific definition for approval. This stage costs MYR 50 for each application made.

2. Incorporation

Once the authorities approve the proposed name, hence the entity can proceed with completing the incorporation form within the next 30 days. In this stage, each stakeholder’s passport/identification card must be uploaded for the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) to assess.

Each application made for this stage will cost MYR 1,010. However, the SSM will require 3 to 5 working days to assess the application before finalising the status.

3. Post incorporation

Once the incorporation application is approved, the set Company Secretary have the documents below:

  • Company profile
  • Section 14 – Superform [Application for registration of a Company]
  • Section 15 – Notice of Registration [SSM issues a Certificate to confirm the successful incorporation of the Company]
  • Section 17 – Certificate of Incorporation
  • Section 46 – Particular of registered address
  • Section 58 – Particular of directors
  • Section 58 & 236 (2) – Appointment of first Company Secretary
  • Section 78 – Particular of shareholders and shares

These documents are where the Company’s unique registration number will appear and can be used for the Company to initiate any official tasks.


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What are the benefits of the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)?2024-04-30T10:47:36+08:00

This fund is beneficial to employees as it offers certification in skills training and enables them to apply for grants for training purposes. 

What are the benefits of choosing Malaysia as your investment destination?2024-04-30T10:47:41+08:00
  • Low rates for rents and wages   
  • Free from double taxation.  Malaysia is a member of 68 tax-related treaties. 
  • Your dividends will not attract Withholding Tax. 
  • The Malaysian government offers strong incentives that encourage investment of capital and registration of businesses. 
What type of company a foreigner can register in Malaysia?2024-04-30T10:47:45+08:00

A foreign investor can have full ownership by registering as a Private Limited Company (PLC) in Malaysia as long as it falls under the permitted industries such as agriculture, finance and banking, gas and petroleum-related products, tourism, as well as education. 

Must I register both company names and trade names?2024-04-30T10:47:48+08:00

You must register the company name, but not a trading nameHowever, SSM must approve your trading name. A trade name can be registered by filing it on the second form known as BORANG A and attaching it to the first form BORANG PNA 42.  

Is a trading name different from a business name?2024-04-30T10:47:50+08:00

Yes. The business name appears on government forms and company registration certificates, while the trade name is what the company chooses to go by in the public eye for sales and advertisement purposes like on billboards and online stores. It is not official, but it sells the company’s brand.  

What are the benefits of registering your company with SSM?2024-04-30T10:47:52+08:00
  • Users can verify your business information and the legality of your business dealings. 
  • It enables the company to apply for gateways of payment like iPay88 and eGHL. 
  • It provides details that enable the Malaysian government to carry out business community development and prospects. 

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