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Others Business License need from business registration certificate


 Zaila O.
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Hi Paul, I registered a fashion business with SSM and I do it from home. My business address as registered is my home address. I specialise in printing t-shirts, name tag embroidery and sewing of fabric mask.

What other business license do I need apart from my business registration certificate?

Note that the business is registered here in Malaysia as an enterprise. Meanwhile, I’m Malay.

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Hi Zaila,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

For your entreprise retail business, you do not need to have any retail license. However, for some communities, your business should not interefere the residential ambiance.

If you have any thoughts of expanding your retail company or opening a SDN BHD, business license may be required. :)

We would like to have a call with you to understand more about your business needs.


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