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Work Visas in Malaysia2021-08-03T16:34:12+08:00

Types of Visa in Malaysia

Here are some brief descriptions on various passes you can apply for.

Employment Pass in Singapore

Employment Pass (EP)

A work permit that allows individuals who are interested to work in an organisation within Malaysia. The permit is subjected to the contract of employment (up to 5 years long) and the individuals must receive an approval from The Expatriate Commitee (EC) or relevant authorities before they can be awarded the employment pass.

Professional Visit Pass

A pass issued to skilled foreign worker who intend to provide service to a company in Malaysia on behalf of a foreign company and is usually for short-term attachment or internships. The pass is given on a temporary basis, the duration of stay is just one time, and must not exceed 12 months.

Dependent Pass in Singapore
Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

Residence Pass-Talent

A pass with 10-year duration issued to highly qualitied expats to allow continuation of residing and working in Malaysia. It offers the flexibility to change job/employers during the validity of the pass. Usually, the pass is best suited for owner or investor type of founders.

Dependant Pass

This pass may be issued to family members of the individual who wish to work in Malaysia. Application for this pass can be submitted together with the application of Employment Pass or after the approval of the Employment Pass. The eligible family members include spouse, children under 21 years old, parents, legally adopted children or disable children.

EntrePass in Singapore
  • Interested individual should have secured a job position along with the job offer letter from the hiring company. (Please also note that applicant must hold a valid passport of at least 18 months prior to the application)

  • The approximate ideal timeline to processed the application is about 3-4 weeks or longer due to delays (I.e., missing documents from the employer, not complying to the requirements by the immigration).

  • Last but not least, the confirmation for a successful application may also take more than a month as the employer will need to revisit their paper works, or the approving authority may require more information and legally endorsed qualifications. And,

  • You will need to allow the authority some time as they will need to review the different documents and there may be additional steps required to complete the application process.


What is the validity of Professional Visit Pass in Malaysia?2021-06-07T17:45:17+08:00

The Professional Visit Pass is valid for 12 months and can be renewed for another 12 months.

If you’ll be undergoing a training at a factory or hotel, the pass will only be valid for 6 months.

What happens to the Entry Permit if a person leaves the country?2021-06-07T17:33:20+08:00

Entry Permit holders must apply for entry permit confirmation notice at the State Immigration Office.

How long does it take for your Employment Pass to be approved?2021-06-07T17:29:27+08:00

Typically, an Employment Pass (EP) take about 5 working days to be processed upon receiving all relevant document for the permit.

The EP will be issued to your prospective employer once the application has been approved. Therefore, you are now eligible to begin your employment in Malaysia.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, your Employer has 7 days to submit your passport to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for them to stamp to certify your stay within the country.


What are the documents required to extend my pass?2021-06-07T17:19:27+08:00

1. Copy of salary slips (the last 3 months)
2. Copy of receipts from the income tax department for expatriates
3. Completed DP4 Form with EPF payment slip attached

Note: All copies must be certified by the management company

Can I apply for the passes while overseas?2021-06-04T19:26:25+08:00

Yes, you can apply for your visas while overseas. It is best to have a representative residing in Malaysia to assist as the authorities might specifically request to view hard copy documents or have interviews or site inspections.

Who can apply for Employment Passes?2021-06-04T19:27:28+08:00

Expatriates are not allowed to apply for their own immigration passes. The application must be done by the employer.

Do I have to register via the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) or Immigration Office Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:25:12+08:00

For expatriate employment passes and work visas, you need to obtain approval through ESD before applying for passes at the immigration office.

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