A corporate bank account is specifically used for business purpose and it is useful for people who are running a company in Malaysia. This gives a certain amount of trust to the targeted customers when one is using a corporate account.

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Corporate Bank Account Opening in MY

Opening a business bank account in Malaysia is not a tough process entirely. However, different banks could be more stringent than the others when it comes to this. Different banks also have different rules and regulation in how they apply the bank account opening process.  

A corporate bank account is always advisable for all types of businesses. You might think that opening of the account is not essential, however it is widely recommended, because if your business grows, you may need to open up a business bank account in the future. 

Here are some points that you will need to consider, when thinking whether to open a bank account. 

  1. Are you processing a lot of transactions? 
  2. Are you concerned about accurately completing your tax return? 
  3. Are you planning to take a business loan? 

Here, we look at the types of banks available for businesses, and the process of opening one account.  


What is a Corporate Bank Account

This is also knows as a business account. 

If you’re already familiar with the term current account, then you will know that a current account has special facilities that a saving account does not, and it is designed in a way whereby it can help a business to manage itself and their finances better. These facilities include: 


Foreign Banking

It is very important especially if you are required to travel often. With the ever fluctuating foreign exchange rates, international transactions became much simpler and cheaper with a business bank account. 


Issuing Cheque

Much like a regular savings account, a current account is where you are able to issue cheques using your business. This makes for a method of paying your debtors official.  



This feature allows for withdrawals that exceed your account balance within an agreed amount. This facility is great whereby it is mostly helpful to reduce the possibilities of bounced cheques. It also gives flexible access to cash that you do not own. This means you don’t have to worry about your business not having available cash. 

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Requirements to Open a Corporate Bank Account

  • Complete & fill up the application forms from your preferred bank 
  • Recommendation of an introducer (Some banks do not need this. This need to be checked with your preferred bank.) 
  • Incorporated company’s rubber stamp 
  • Photocopies of Identifications from company’s directors and authorised signatories 
  • Certified true copy by the Company Secretary of: 
  1. Resolution from Board of Directors to open account & list of authorised signatories. 
  2. Form 24 – Return of Allotment of Shares 
  3. Form 49 – List of Directors 
  4. Form 44 – Registered Office Address 
  5. Company’s Constitution 
  6. Borang 9 – Certificate of Incorporation 
  • All directors and authorised persons must physically present at the bank during the corporate account opening. They will also need to not be declared a bankrupt or be blacklisted by Bank Negara in order to open a corporate bank account. 

Different banks will have different requirements as to the opening of the corporate bank account. We will always advise you to visit your preferred bank to confirm on the requirements.  

However so, you are required to provide us with the required information in order for us to prepare the resolution and relevant documents for bank account opening: 

  • Bank’s name, branch and their address 
  • Type of account. This includes either a current account, internet banking, foreign currency account, joint account, and etc. 
  • Sample/Format of opening account resolution as provided by your bank 
  • Type of statutory forms and number of copies required by the bank 
  • Authorised signatories details,  

– Name must be as per Identifications 

-Identifications number 

  • Type of company incorporated 

-Sendirian Berhad (recommended) 

-Sole Proprietorship 


-Limited Liability Partnership 

With a lot of money laundering cases that has been going on in Malaysia, most banks require the account signatories to be physically present in Malaysia for the signing of documentation at the time of opening the corporate bank account.  

That is not all as some banks may even want to be present in the physical office before processing the bank opening application. However, these are all on a a case-to-case basis. 

In accordance to AMLA, banks in Malaysia must follow stringent laws and regulations, and will carry out series of investigations on their potential clients before opening a new account for a company. This is just to safeguard themselves from potential issues arising in the future. As you already know, Malaysia is very serious when it comes to combating terrorist financing and all other illegal nature of businesses. 

Added to that, it is also to safeguard their risks against any potential defaulters, 


Timeline of a Corporate Bank Opening

Depending on the amount of investigation that the bank plans to carry out to on the identity of the directors, secretary and the company itself, the whole process to open a new company bank account may take about three months to complete 

However, if you are not physically present in Malaysia, the processing time can be longer, and the chances of approval can be extremely low, unless your holding company has a very strong relationship manager with the bank. 

Therefore, we highly recommend all our customers to be physically present in Malaysia to enhance the chance and approval rate of the opening of the corporate bank account 


Any amount from at least RM2 up to the maximum of the authorised capital as stated in the constitution of the Company. However, we will recommend paid-up capital of RM1,000 for all new companies. 

However, sometimes we will advise to increase the amount of paid-up capital, and the reasons can be between: 

  1. Requested by Bank 
  2. A project tender requirement 
  3. License requirement 
  4. Corporate image 



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