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Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore.

Study in SG

Education is said to be the key to success. As much as this statement is true, the quality of education matters a lot. Malaysian education system has been facing problems when it comes to producing competent graduates. In addition, with the teacher- centered learning in Malaysia, your kids will only know how to read and write but have very poor communication skills. As a parent, choosing the right school in the right environment is very essential. If you live in Malaysia, you should consider taking your kid to a school in Singapore.


Why fear Malaysian education system?

Classroom learning cannot be enough to survive and deal with the current cruel world. Pupils and students must be well engaged not only with books but also with real life situations. However, this is not the case in Malaysia schools where:

  1. Students are too exam-oriented. The is a societal misconception in Malaysia where results are used to determine how smart a person is. This makes students unable to utilize their talents because their parents only focus on the number of A’s in their result slips.
  2. Teachers are uninspiring. Malaysian teachers only teach according to the syllabus instead of being mentors to the students and pupils.
  3. Learning is teacher- centered. This is where the teachers talk and the students listen. This approach of learning how to read and write before learning how to communicate, leave students with very poor communication skills.
  4. The cost of learning is very high.


Why study in Singapore?

Singapore is the 1st place on the quality education system that is according to World Comparative Report 2010-2011.Taking your kid to a school in Singapore is the wisest decision you will have made for your kid’s education. Not only will your kid get quality but also recognized education globally. Singapore education system will help your kids to secure jobs, expand their horizons, realize themselves and discover new talents and abilities.


All top universities in UK, Australia and France are offering their programs in Singapore universities. Such programs include; Medicine, Engineering, Business and Economics. Additionally, students receive their diplomas from the original universities once they have completed the studies.

Worried of school fees? The cost of schooling and living in Singapore is much lower compared to most developed countries. This include primary, secondary and University fees.

Other benefits of studying in Singapore include:

  1. The country has a stable economy and political stability as well.
  2. Favourable climate and safe environment.
  3. International exposure. Singapore hosts students from more than 30 countries making it multiracial. Students get to interact and get ideas from different cultures.
  4. Employment opportunities. Singapore is a hub of global economic activity. As such, many international organizations have set their campuses in Singapore graduates can secure jobs very easily.
  5. Modernized infrastructure. Roads and communication systems are made with the latest and advanced technology.


Incorporating a Business in Singapore.

As mentioned earlier, Singapore presents itself as a hub of global economic activity. This makes it a lucrative option for entrepreneurs. You can easily turn ideas into business and earn hard cash in Singapore. Unlike other countries, it takes you only 1 day to incorporate a business in Singapore. Do you want to incorporate a company in Singapore while you are currently located another country? Well, an online platform is available for you to do so at www……


As a parent, make a sensible decision and set the right path for your kid (s) future by sending them to study in Singapore.




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