How to Change Business Name in Malaysia?

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Changing your Malaysian-registered Company name is possible, and most companies have changed their company name because:

  • The company has undergone a change of management
  • The company has undergone a change of shareholding
  • The company has changed its business direction
  • The company has changed its business activities
  • The company is going through a rebranding process
  • The company intends to change its name for the shelf company

The person responsible to lodge the changes of a Company name once its resolved is the appointed Company Secretary. The cost to proceed with a change of name is MYR 150.

Guidelines for selecting a Company Name in Malaysia

A general guideline for selecting company names includes:

  • The proposed name must have a specific definition
  • If the proposed name is not in Bahasa Malaysia or English, it must be clarified clearly.
    For example: Oishii Sushi Sdn. Bhd. – Oishii means delicious in Japanese
  • The proposed name must not be blasphemous or offensive
  • The proposed name must not contain elements which resemble religion

  • The company is going through a rebranding process


  • ABC Ice Cream Sdn. Bhd. – A – Apple, B – Banana, C – Cherry Ice Cream Sdn. Bhd.

  • Oishii Sushi Sdn. Bhd. – Oishii means delicious in Japanese
  • Ramu Pharma Sdn. Bhd. – Ramu is the name of the director in the Company (a consent letter will be required for such proposed names)
  • Paul Hype Page Sdn. Bhd. – Paul Hype Page is similar name to sister Company in Singapore (a consent letter will be required for such proposed names)
  • Petronas Sdn. Bhd. – Petronas is a trademark name (a consent letter from owner is needed for such proposed names)

Procedure to change a Company name in Malaysia

Similar to when a Company is initially incorporated, the new proposed name is subject to approval by Companies Commission of Malaysia – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

  • The Company’s representative must inform the appointed Company Secretary of their plans to change the Company name
  • Directors’ NRICs/ Passports are needed for the Company Secretary to proceed with the new proposed name reservation application
  • Nature of business in general
  • The appointed Company Secretary is responsible to lodge the new proposed name via online application with SSM at cost of MYR 50
  • It will take 1 to 3 working days for SSM to update the application status
  • Once SSM has approved the new name, the Company Secretary will then prepare the special resolutions for board of directors of the company to sign off
  • The Company Secretary has 30 days from date proposed name is approved to submit the required documents over the SSM counter
  • Based on the Company Act 2016, the special resolutions can be signed only by the Board of Directors to conclude the approval of the change of Company name. However, if a Company adopts a constitution, they are required to prepare resolution and conduct Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in accordance to its Memorandum & Articles of Association

  • Once done, the appointed Company Secretary must submit the Special Resolution, Section 27 (1) (4) and Section 28 over the SSM counter to complete the application with a cost of MYR 100
  • A notice of Change of Name will be issued within 1 to 3 working days by SSM upon compliance with the procedures and submissions of duly completed documents

Once the new name is approved, the Company is required to display the previous name TOGETHER with the new name in any Company related documents for the next 12 months (starting from when the new name was approved).

What happens after the new Company name in Malaysia is approved?

Once the new Company name is approved by SSM, the Company Secretary should furnish you the documents below:

  • Section 27(1)(4) – Application and reservation for availability of names

  • Section 28 – Application for change of name

  • Section 17 – Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Company Name

  • Letter of approval mailed by SSM to confirm the change of name is successful

  • Latest Company profile, indicating the new name as well as the previous name

These documents are crucial for any Company official matters such as:

  • Company banker must be informed of the new Company name to update in their system
  • General licenses must be updated with the new Company name

  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) profile must be updated with the new Company name via online in their official website

  • Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) profile must be updated with the new Company name via online in their official website

  • Inland Revenue Board – Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) profile must be updated with the new Company name via online in their official website


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Can a name change be overruled?2020-04-28T17:11:29+08:00

There are certain laws which govern company names in Malaysia. In some instances, the change of a company’s names may lead to one of these laws to become violated. Therefore, in such a scenario, the proper course of action to be taken by the authorities is that of overruling the name change. 

Can Malaysian COmpanies have names in languages besides those spoken in Malaysia?2020-04-28T17:11:02+08:00

In Malaysia, the primary languages spoken are Malay and English. However, this does not mean that all company names in Malaysia must either be in Malay or English. Companies in Malaysia may have a name in any language. However, company names which are in neither Malay nor English are to specify the meaning of the company name in either or both of the two languages.

Can Foreign-owned Companies Operating in Malaysia change their name?2020-04-28T17:10:21+08:00

At the moment, there are no laws which forbid foreign-owned companies in Malaysia from changing their name. All legislation related to name changes applies to local and foreign companies alike. Therefore, foreign-owned companies operating in Malaysian are allowed to change their name.

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