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Hello there, I want to start my own beverage brand (non alcoholic), I got the raw material from other region already, other than that like glass bottle from outside. My question here is what license needed for me to manufacture here in Malaysia? For example if I ask pelangi manufacturing to manufacture my bottles, other than Halal certificate, SSM what else I need? Thank you in advance.

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Hi, Thank you for connecting with Paul Hype Page!

Please note that all manufacturing companies in Malaysia need to apply for a manufacturing license if the:

1) paid-up capital of the company is equal to or more than RM2.5 million, or

2) the company has 75 or more employees

In most cases, manufacturing license will be approved within the week for companies applying for ML08 (under Automatic Issuance of Manufacturing License).

Other licenses however, we would like to have a call with you to better understand your situation and advise accordingly. Businesses involving manufacturing of food products usually go through extensive processes involving ministry of health or food authority.


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