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Requirements to start business in Malaysia


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Dear Sir I am Indian Citizen,
i was working in Malaysia from last 5 years under Cat 2 Visa i have paid my personal tax till date. Now i am planning to start my own business ( import & export furniture ). May i know how should i proceed and what are the requirements.
I have a local director and i need work permits for 2 directors. My Visa has expired in June and i got approval for renewal as well but i am overseas presently and i couldn’t send my passport for endorsement. Hope to get your reply soon

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Hi Mudasir,

Thank you for reaching out to Paul Hype Page!

The good news is that Malaysia allows companies to be 100% foreign owned. This means that you enjoy flexibility with your company structure and all three of you can own the company.

Before applying for employment pass, you will need to apply for WRT license for your import and export business. There will also be capital requirements from RM 250,000 to RM 1million, depending on the company structure.

For our own visa, we suggest you to contact your employ or agency to assist further.

Let's have a call to better understand your business needs! Feel free to contact us if there is any queries :)


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