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Palm plantation conservation work


 YAN hock TEO
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Hi we are forming a local company to buy oil palm plantation and to be converted to conservation area. We has an interested foreign NGO will loan us the money to purchase the plantation . we will manage the oil palm plantation for several year to pay back the loan without interest and at the same time doing conservation work. our question are; foreign investment fund like that is ok with Malaysia government or any restriction or any guide line. If we do repayment to foreign investment any Malaysia tax requirement.

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Dear Yan Hock,

Thank you for connecting with Paul Hype Page!

Palm plantation conservation work is possible in Malaysia and there are many like-minded people who have conduct similar activities!

Malaysia allows foreign direct investment in most industries. For tax purposes, we recommend you to set up a holding company in Singapore or Hong Kong to control the operations in Malaysia.

Tax planning takes all factors into consideration, do approach us for discussion a discussion and possibilities for your investment journey in Malaysia!


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