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Open a new company Sdn Bhd and do online business.


 Soon Leong
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I wonder If I can open a new company Sdn Bhd and do online business. I become an affiliate marketer and coach to teach students to make money online. For example, I join the ABC company and become an Affiliate Marketer to promote the company like Amazon, Clickbank, Any affiliate programs, and make money online.

Should I open a new company Sdn Bhd? Or Will that be fine If I am an individual to make money without Sdn Bhd? If Yes, I just go to LDHA and inform them, I need to declare my tax yearly?

Please give me advice

If you can I am interested to be an affiliate marketer and coach but I need to know more before starting
I appreciate that

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Hi Soon Leong, it works either way. You can choose to set up a Sdn Bhd or become a freelance affiliate marketer to make money online. We strongly advise you to open a new company to formalise your online business. In this way, not only your personal assets are protected, but you also enjoy better credibility for your business.

If you decided to become a freelancer to make money online without incorporating a Sdn Bhd, you have to declare your income to LHDN for taxing purposes.

Should you need help in incorporating a Sdn Bhd, please feel free to contact one of our incorporation specialists, we are happy to help. 😊


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