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Education License in Malaysia


 Hui Ling Wong
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Hi, do I need an education license to teach music and public speaking for students from challenging background with minimal fee (non-profit)? Or what kind of license/registration with the government do I need to run such program?

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Hi Hui Ling,

You will need to set up a company before starting to conduct music and public speaking lessons in Malaysia.

If your school is not teaching academical subjects (meaning school subjects at primary, secondary, tertiary certified levels), you don't need to apply for education license.

This means that you can teach music and public speaking as leisure enrichment classes without an education license. However, if you are issuing academic certificates such as Diploma/Degree in Music etc, you will need an education license.

We can assist you with a private limited company incorporation to initiate your business. Feel free to contact us for more information!


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