Company Incorporation in Malaysia

  • Checklist for your incorporation

  • Checklist for your incorporation
Company Incorporation Services in Malaysia2022-06-20T15:58:11+08:00

Here’s what you need to start your company

Malaysia is one of the friendliest places to do business in, where it comprises many attractive factors;

  • Strategically place in the heart of South East Asia (SEA)
  • Abundance of Business reliefs
  • Well equipped transport links
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Strong and Diverse workforce
  • and many others…

Due to these reasons, Business owners from all around the world decided to set up a company here. You can be the next by meeting the following criteria.

Your Business Name & activities

Your Business Name & activities

At least one local resident

At least one director with a local residential address

At least one shareholder

At least one shareholder

At least s$1 capital

At least 1RM capital

A company secretary

A company secretary

Your Business Name & activities

Other mandatory documents


Does a Labuan Company require a director who is ordinarily resident in Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:39:58+08:00

No, a Labuan Company does not require a director who is ordinarily resident in Malaysia.

How long does it take to setup a Holding Company in Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:39:18+08:00

As long as all documents are in order and all legal requirements are met, the incorporation process should take between one to two weeks.

Do I need a Corporate Secretary if I want to register a Sdn Bhd?2021-06-04T19:38:24+08:00

Yes, you need to appoint a company secretary within a month (30 days) of the incorporation of your Sdn Bhd as per Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016.

What are types of companies in Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:36:15+08:00
  1. Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) / Private Limited Company
  2. Company Limited by Guarantee
  3. Sendirian (Sdn)Sole Proprietorship / Unlimited Company
  4. Berhad (Bhd) / Public Limited Company
  5. Foreign Company
  6. Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad (PLT) / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

The mentioned types have their own nature of specifications. Refer here to find out which type of company suits your current.

How long does it take to register a company in Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:34:23+08:00

The process could take up to [5-10 working days] upon submission of documents. However, the mentioned is the ideal timeline where the actual progress could have delay due to several factors (i.e., special approval required from external ministries or missing documents during submission to SSM).

Can foreigners incorporate and fully own a company in Malaysia?2021-06-04T19:32:52+08:00

Yes, foreigners can incorporate and fully own a Malaysian Sdn Bhd. However, according to the Malaysian Companies Act of 2016, your company must have at least 1 director with a residential address in Malaysia.

However, do note that specific industries may have their own local director/shareholding requirements. For example, classes of a recruitment agency license require a local director and shareholder.

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We selected Paul Hype Page to help us incorporate our Singapore business entity and to secure Employment Pass for our staff. I was very impressed with the expert guidance the in-house corporate specialists provided to navigate the Incorporation and Employment Pass application process. Now that our staff is ready to relocate to Singapore and our company’s bank account is open, we can focus in growing our business.

Samba Imaging Pte. Ltd

It’s refreshing to collaborate with a team that is at the top of its game. Company registration, bank account opening, Employment Pass and Dependent passes all approved. Thank you.

Marco Construction & Renovation Pte Ltd

With reliable guidance and high success rate that comes with 10 years of professional experience from Paul Hype Page, I am received my employment pass renewal smoothly and will continue PHP annual compliance services to ensure smooth operational of my company.

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