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Working for a company in Malaysia and want to do side business under my name.

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Dear Sir,

I Am Very Excited To Know That If i Am Worker In A Malaysian Retails Company, Is It Possible To Have Any Chances To Register A Company/Business And Do Side Business Under My Own Company Name ? Looking Forward For Your Answer.

Thank You So Much For Have This Types Of Services And I Hope Best Wished For You All Guys.

Thanks & Regards Kumar

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Hi Kumar,

You are not allow to work in two companies under one employment pass. Here are two options for your scenario:

1. You can set up and own the company while hiring someone to conduct the operations.

2. You can apply an employment pass under your new company and cancel the current employment pass that is under the old company.

If you are looking for assist with employment pass application and business set up, please feel free to contact our sales consultants for more information!


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