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What is the paid-up capital and fees to set up a Sdn Bhd Company for foreigner?


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Planning to open a private limited company (food truck).

How much is the paid-up capital and how much the total fees to set up sdn bhd company for foreigner( from china)

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Hi Alex,

Do note that due to COVID, places such as Kuala Lumpur have baned foreign ownership for businesses such as Restaurant/Bistro/Cafe, etc.

If you are looing to apply for an employment pass, you will need to apply for a WRT license and have at least MYR 1 million paid up capital.

The cost involved will include setting up a SDN BHD, premise and signboard license, specific business license and employment pass if needed.

We would love to have a call with you to better understand your situation and advise accordingly.

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