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Setting up a Company in Malaysia

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Hello, my name is Fakri and I am writing this message on behalf on my colleague in Canada trying to set up a business in Malaysia preferably Sdn Bhd. The company is cryptocurrency trading company and the founders are not Malaysian citizen. Would it be more preferable for one Malaysian citizen or residence to be the director of the company? How much should be the paid up capital if both of the directors are foreigners? I would love to know your advice and to receive the quotation from you for all the services that can be rendered since they are trying to open up a branch in KL soon.

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Hi Fakri,

Cryptocurrency trading is a young and considered high risk industry in Malaysia. Best you work with our advisors to navigate a successful opening.

Foreigners can set up a company in Malaysia, 100% foreign owned, without a local director, so long as one director has a residential address in Malaysia.

Having said that, it is advantageous for one Malaysian citizen to be director of the company. It eases your bank account opening and license applications.

You should start your paid-up capital at a small amount like RM1,000 before your bank account opening. Once your bank account is opened, you can increase your capital to the desired amount.

Factors affecting your paid-up capital amount includes any requirements for work visas, any license applications, any funding requirements or any operational demands like clients or suppliers specific requests etc.

Drop us a WhatsApp at +65 8483 3084 .



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