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Set up a cosmetic factory in Malaysia

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 Kian Seng
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Hi, I’m Kian Seng.

I’m planning to set up a cosmetic factory in Malaysia and partnership with Foreigner. What do I need to prepare? Do we need to apply for a special license to set up a factory?

How about the partnership with Foreigner?

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Hi Kian Seng,

The following are the documents are required for opening a SDN BHD company:

  • Passport copies of all directors and shareholders
  • Identification Card (back and front) copies of all director and shareholders
  • Picture of directors and shareholders holding their Identification Card for verification purposes
  • Proof of residential address of all shareholders and directors

After your incorporation is successful, you will need to apply for factory business license and register your cosmetics with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division. Kindly note that you are required to fulfill the necessary license requirements.

Malaysia entities allowed 100% foreign owned. Let us know if you would like to know more!


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