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Requirements for opening an institution providing softskill courses

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Hi, I am planning to open up an institution providing softskill courses e.g, financial planning, coding and etc, do I need to apply for any license from the authority?

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Hi Charlotte,

This is a widely debated topic. You can visit our forum on this topic here Education License in Malaysia.

Depending on the way you structure your business, you may or may not require an education license.

  • If you want to offer Malaysia Embassy recognised certificates, yes, you need to register as an education centre.
  • If you are running non-standard online courses like digital coding, design and other skill sets, you do not need a license.
  • If you have an agreement with a Coding Association that will specially recognise your certificates, you do not need to obtain a license (since you are not asking the Malaysia government to recognise the cert)

Interact with the community on our forum, see you!



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