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Requirements for Foreigner Opening A Digital Marketing Company

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Actually, I have questions asking for 2 parties, the business owners and employees.


Business Owner

  1. Can an American open an Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and 100% fully owned and also without being (stay) in Malaysia? 
  2. The main company is LLC registered and all business operations were in the States. The Malaysian company is set up to hire local staff as a support team to the main company back in the States.
  3. The company won't have a local office or own any assets and the local staff hired will be WFH.
  4. What are the requirements that will be required?



  1. Mainly, our freelancers will like to know how much they are covered in terms of the law in they go full-time for such a whole new start-up with 0 assets locally. Not sure if this is a related question for you. 


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Hi Richie,

Here are the answers to your queries!

1. A foreigner can 100% own a SDN BHD without staying in Malaysia.

There is no obligations to have a physical working office or own any assets. However, it is a requirement to have a registered office address to keep the company’s register and records.

2. The freelancer should have a contract with the company to get them covered. The contract will be applicable under law.

It will be good if you can get clarification with the Ministry of Human Resource for labour law related inquiries.

We can have a call to further discuss your inquiries and assist you with the incorporation! :) Do contact us at


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