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How to open a company in Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)?

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Hi, my name is Manda,

My company is in Korea and Indonesia, and we have a plan to open a company in Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu). Since we didn’t have a team in Malaysia we need a consultant to guide us for the step by step how to open a company in Malaysia (such as what the document we need, how to get the employee, and many more).

For the basic first, can you give me a hint of what document or what we have to do to open a company in Malaysia?

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Hi Manda,

Glad to hear your interest!

The steps to incorporate a Company such as private limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.) are as follows:

  1. At least one director and shareholder that has legitimate local residential address
  2. Minimum paid-up capital is MYR 1
  3. The cost of registration with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is MYR 1,060
  4. Must appoint a licensed Company Secretary within 30 days after incorporation is done
  5. Can venture into almost all types of businesses available in Malaysia


The registration of a Company can be done online by the appointed licensed Company Secretary without the need of you to come down to Malaysia.

If you have any other queries or require any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at ."


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