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Can a shareholder sell his shares to others shareholders?

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In case of SDN BHD, if one of the shareholder (Mr. A) wish to sell off all his shares (about 25%) to 3 remaining shareholders (Mr. B, Mr. C & Mr. D), but all of them don’t want to buy it. What can/should Mr. A do?

Conditions: Mr. A: Wish to quit / end the partnership with them. This SDN BHD company already invested few shop lots, factories and lands. Before proceed the private discussing, please advise some options or possible ways here. Thank you.

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Dear Ironman,

Thank you for reaching out to us! Mr A's shares must be taken by other shareholders (If he choose to end the partnership).

Alternatively, you can utilise soft skill negotiation to appeal to the shareholders or even get third party to purchase the shares.

Please do not seek assistance from lawyers as they cannot force anyone to take over the shares. Hope this helps! :)


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