• Dezire IT Solution Pte. Ltd

    Incorporation Company Singapore


    What sets Paul Hype Page apart from other such firms is that the top management of the firm personally gets involved in assisting me and guidance to ensure a smooth process and all this within a fantastic turnaround time. The PHP team comprises of very talented and competent staff who are always there to provide advice whenever I needed it.

    Dezire IT Solution Pte Ltd is the company specializing ERP / SAP,CRM, Mobility, Cloud Computing. Dezire helps IT organizations deliver measurable bottom-line value to their companies.


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  • MediaQ Pte Ltd

    Incorporating business singapore

    Nicole Glisson

    Paul Hype Page has all the information relevant to running a business in Singapore and made incorporating of my business in a foreign country an hassle free and smooth process.

    MediaQ is a one of a kind Singapore company that services the deaf and hearing impaired communities. MediaQ provides captions and subtitles for television and other media as well as translation, transcript and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

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  • ASC Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd

    Incorporation Company Singapore

    Eduardo Cardenas

    Paul Hype Page had not only assist me in the expansion of my company to Singapore, but also manage all my company accounts, payroll and tax planning as well as providing a good serviced office location for my local manager. Thus I can focus my management time on our core business rather than on operational and statutory obligations.

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  • Tripbuilder Pte Ltd

    Incorporation Company Singapore

    Kawiorski Tomasz

    Paul Hype Page & Co. Incorporation process and Corporate specialist staff are a perfect mix of knowledge and tools to start our business in Singapore. Paul Hype Page has a well planned step-by-step process that guides us through all of the government, legal and administration prerequisites as well as our employment pass application. This whole experience had been incredibly hassle free and easy to navigate with a reasonable fee structure.

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