Intellectual Property Rights of Malaysia

Intellectual Property Rights in Malaysia  The intellectual property rights which are in force in Malaysia today are similar to those of other members of the Commonwealth of Nations. In general, Malaysia’s intellectual property rights are [...]

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Tax Crimes in Malaysia

Examples of Tax Crimes  attempting to leave the country without paying all taxes due,  obstructing the performance of duties by any authorized officer of Inland Revenue Board (LHDN),   failure to provide [...]

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Double Tax Agreements of Malaysia

Double Tax Agreements  A double tax agreement (DTA) is a contract signed by two countries to minimize or eliminate double taxation of the same income. It is also known as a double tax treaty and is categorized as part of international taxation. It usually [...]

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How expensive are corporate secretarial services in Malaysia in relation to those of other countries?

Company Secretarial Service in Malaysia Every company cannot only be concerned with making a significant amount of profit within its present business environment. Adherence to the law, proper corporate management practices, [...]

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