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Why Has Your Malaysia Employment Pass Been Rejected?

An Employment Pass is a permit issued by the Malaysian government granting permission to a foreign national to work and live in Malaysia. If you are a foreigner who wish to pursue your career and earn a livelihood here, you will require an employment pass as per the Immigration law. The Immigration Act is the main legislation […]

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Can Employment Pass Holders Buy Property in Malaysia

The Employment Pass in Malaysia grants eligible foreign workers in approved business roles the ability to work and live in the country for up to 5 years on a bonded employment contract. Generally, the pass is applied for in cooperation with your Malaysian employer, hence a valid working contract and proof of employment is needed. […]

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Advantages of Employment Pass in Malaysia

Malaysia has become a popular destination for people to migrate and reside due to its tropical climate, natural treasures, robust economy and low cost of living. While this diverse country offers plenty of opportunities to broaden your cultural horizons, it also offers a good deal of employment opportunities for foreigners who wish to work and live […]

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Can I Employ Foreigners in My Company in Malaysia?

Malaysia is seen as a hot spot for job seekers from all around the globe as the country’s economy is growing steadily and is seen as a viable destination to work and live. Given the multitude of local and foreign owned companies here, there are abundance of employment opportunities which are not only limited to […]

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How Can I Apply for an Employment Pass in Malaysia?

Malaysia has observed an increase in tourists and expats over the last handful of years, owing to its exotic culture and local cuisine, low cost of living, and steady economy. The abundance of employment opportunity here has resulted in expats wanting to work and live in the country. As the other countries, there are rules […]

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How Many Types of Employment Passes are There in Malaysia?

As Malaysia is blooming to become a highly developed country, the flourishing economy and stable labour market has contributed to great employment prospects for expatriates. Expatriates are drawn by the opportunity to work and live here as the economy is forecasted to continue growing steadily. The country is fuelling a need for knowledge and skills from around […]

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Who is eligible for an Employment Pass application?

With a steady economic growth, Malaysia certainly offers good employment opportunities. Foreign talents who wish to work and live here are required to apply for work passes to do so. The general procedure is that the work pass application is to be made before entering the country, and after a job is secured here.   Requirements for Work Passes […]

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Malaysia Working Visa Guide

Malaysia is a great location for expats to live and work. Foreigners will find it much easier if their company sends them to Malaysia for work and handles the visa application process for them. This is because sourcing a job in Malaysia on your own can be a very challenging process. Malaysia has its own […]

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