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Obtaining a Business Registration number in Malaysia

Malaysia is known to be one of the top destinations in the world to do business, owing to its steady economic growth which welcomes investment from business owners from around the globe. The country is also strategically placed and the affordable living with abundance of business investment opportunities has also drawn in foreigners to start […]

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How to Obtain a Business License in Malaysia

All business in Malaysia are required to obtain a business license before they can commence operations. The type of business license in Malaysia that you will need depends on the industry that you are involved in.   While all Malaysia company registrations take place through the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), incorporating your business alone is […]

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How Do I List My Company on The Malaysia Stock Exchange

Bursa Malaysia Berhad (Bursa Malaysia) is the regulating authority and operator of the only stock exchange in Malaysia. Previously known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia offers an array of exchange-related services in Malaysia. If you want to list your company on the Malaysia stock exchange, this guide will show you just what you need to do.  […]

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ICT License in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country which is experiencing broadband penetration levels which are at an all-time high right now. Moving forward, these numbers are projected to grow over the years. The ICT industry in Malaysia is ready and ripe with opportunity for the investor who wants to make their mark in this sector. However, you must […]

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WRT License (Service and Consultancy)

If you are a foreigner who wants to setup a business in Malaysia that is involved in distributive trade services, you will be required to have a Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) license. This guide will take a look at the setting up a service and consultancy business in Malaysia and how to apply for the necessary WRT license […]

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Hotel License in Malaysia

The hotel industry in Malaysia is one of the country’s most thriving sectors, thanks to its reputation as one of the world’s leading tourism countries. With thousands of tourists flocking to its shores each year, the hospitality and tourism sector as benefitted immensely. Along with this development, the growth of the hotel sector too. For […]

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Education License in Malaysia

To run and operate a business in Malaysia, you need a business license. Just about every business in Malaysia requires some business license or permit of some sort. The types of licenses would differ depending on the type of industry you’re involved in. This includes if you intend run this type of business in Malaysia. […]

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How can I Start a Business in Malaysia?

Starting a business is a massive step, and Malaysia is an ideal destination for foreigners to establish an entrepreneurial status due to the country’s excellent infrastructure and talented labour force. Unlike other countries in the Asia region, there are not many restrictions or conditions imposed by the government for foreign ownership of companies.  If you […]

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Types of Business to Be Done in Malaysia

With its unique position right in the heart of Asia, starting a business in Malaysia is one of the best decisions you could make for your business. Strategically position next to many of Asia’s other leading markets like Singapore and Indonesia, Malaysia’s strong economic growth and stability has been a source of major attraction over the years.   […]

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