Audit Services in Malaysia

Audit Services in Malaysia2022-02-07T15:48:31+08:00

Why are Company Audits important?

All companies in Malaysia are required to prepare and audit their financial statements before lodging it with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Audit Exemption Effective Date

Audit Exemptions for Selected SMEs

  1. Dormant companies from time of incorporation, or throughout the current financial year end and in the immediate preceding financial year.
  2. Zero-revenue and does not exceed RM300,000 in total assets in the immediate past two financial years.
  3. Threshold-qualified private companies that fulfil the following criteria:
    1. It has revenue not exceeding RM100,000 during the current financial year and in the immediate past two (2) financial years;
    2. Its total assets in the current Statement of Financial Position does not exceed RM300,000 and in the immediate past two (2) financial years; and
    3. It has, at the end of its current financial year and in each of its immediate past two (2) financial years’ end, not more than five (5) employees.


Who should appoint an Auditor in the company?2021-06-07T18:09:11+08:00

Every company is required to appoint an auditor at any time before the first annual general meeting. It is the directors’ responsibility to appoint auditors and this can be made by either a circular resolution of the board or at a board meeting.

The auditor’s term is until the conclusion of the annual general meeting (AGM). If directors have not appointed an auditor, the shareholders may appoint the auditors at a general meeting.


Are capital gains taxed in Malaysia?2021-06-07T18:57:20+08:00

Capital Gains are not taxed in Malaysia other than gains which will be taxed under the real property gains tax.

Is there an accounting standard to follow in Malaysia?2021-06-07T18:56:20+08:00

Companies in Malaysia must follow the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MRFS) framework that was introduced by the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB).

When do I need to conduct an audit?2021-06-04T18:06:44+08:00

You should start after your financial year end. The deadline for filing of your annual returns with audited financial statements is within 18 months from the date of incorporation and 6 months after your financial year end.

How long does an Audit usually take?2021-06-04T18:06:37+08:00

Depending on volume and complexity of transactions, an audit can take a few weeks for SMEs or months in complex cases.

What are the required documents for Audit?2021-06-04T18:06:25+08:00

All accounting records and Financial statements in XBRL format of reporting based on the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS) and Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standards issued by MASB under the Financial Reporting Act 1997.

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