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@ Paul Hype Page & Co

Paul Hype Page & Co is your one-stop services provider for Incorporation, Employment Pass, Accounting, and all corporate compliance for your business.

Our History

Paul Hype Page & Co. is an accredited tax practitioner, or an ATP , widely recognized for their technical know-how, integrity, and professionalism. An ATP is a professional tax practitioner who has an “accredited” tax qualification and “relevant” work experience. Many businesses as well as taxpayers choose to be represented by ATP in Singapore these days for tax audit and other dealings.

Our Vision

We understand that you have a business to run and performing corporate compliance is just another “to do” things in your list. That’s where we come: Our team of seasoned professional Corporate Specialists help you set up your company quickly and easily following all legal entities so that you can focus your attention to “mind your own business”.


These are our professional services fees to serve your needs. Alternatively, you can select from our services package section which suits your needs.

Incorporation (Sdn Bhd)

For Setting up a Private Limited in Malaysia
  • - Company Registration RM100
  • - Appointment of Company Secretary (Per Annual) RM600
  • - Registered Office Address (Per Annual) RM288
  • - Government statutory board account opening (FOC)
  • *Government fee not included (will be charges separately RM1,060)

Annual Retainer Fee

For Malaysia Business Continuity
  • - Company Secretary (Per Annual) RM680
  • - Registered Office Address (Per annual) RM288
  • - AGM (annual filing) RM320

Incorporation with Employment Pass

For Foreign Entrepreneur locating to Malaysia
  • - Company Registration USD30
  • - Appointment of Company Secretary (Per Annual) USD140
  • - Registered Office Address (Per Annual) USD70
  • - Nominee Director (3 mths) USD640
  • - Employment Pass Application USD1,100
  • - Refundable Deposit (Nominee Director) USD1,360
  • *Government fee not included (will be charges separately)