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Our Incorporation Service Fees

Professional Service Package for Company

These are our professional services fees to serve your needs. Alternatively, you can select from our services package section which suits your needs.

Fees for Form a New Company

To Incorporate a Sdn Bhd Company (Package)

Package for Local Malaysian to Incorporate a Sdn Bhd Company
Company RegistrationRM100
Registration Fee (Government Fee)RM1060
Appointment of Company Secretary (for 1 year)RM600
Registered Office Address (for 1 year)

(Additional RM500/annual for shareholder/director that need the use of Malaysia resident address)


Optional – To opening banking account without travelling RM2500.

Incorporation with Employment Pass (Package)

Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs Relocating to Malaysia
Company Incorporation with Employment Pass
Company RegistrationRM100
Registration Fee (Government Fee)RM1060
Appointment of Company Secretary (for 1 year)RM600
Application for Employment Pass (EP)

(Do not include Government Fees)

Registered Office Address (for 1 year)RM288

Incorporation with Nominee Director (Package)

Package for Entrepreneurs Not In Malaysia
Company Incorporation with Nominee Director
Company RegistrationRM100
Registration Fee (Government Fee)RM1060
Appointment of Company Secretary (for 1 year)RM600
Nominee Director (for 12 months)RM4800
Nominee Director (Refundable Deposit)RM5000
Registered Office Address (for 1 year)RM288


Annual Recurring Services & Fees (Package)

For Existing Clients
Annual Recurring Services & Fees
Retainer of Company Secretary  (including AGM and Annual Return filing)RM 1800 per annum
Registered AddressRM 480 per annum
Compilation of Financial StatementRM 1200 per annum
Tax computation and filingRM 2500 per annum
Book keeping (Transaction less than 100 entries per annum)RM 1500 per annum


Mohammad Tawher Ashraf Siddiqui Sadat says:

Dear Sir,
I am Mohammad Tawher Ashraf Siddiqui Sadat from Dhaka Bangaldesh.
We want to start a business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .How can we do so? What are the conditions? Is it possible to incorporate a local company by a foreigner?
Our business nature will be local trade of various goods, imports, exports & re-export.
What are the cost associated? How much time will it take? How can we open a corporate bank account?

Waiting for your quick response.

Mohammad Tawher Ashraf Siddiqui Sadat

lirui says:

register company

Pipat J says:


I want to start a company in Malaysia, i do need a company and bank account to start selling my product online. I do not need a physical office. How much do i have to pay for one time, and for yearly. Also how long for all the process will it be?

Hope to hear from you real soon, Thank you

bing says:

Hi there,

Yes, it is advisable for you to incorporate a company and subsequently to obtain a bank account in order to sell your product online.

The incorporation fee depends on the structure and the amount of paid up capital involved. We would suggest you to schedule an appointment with us so that we can advise you better. As for the yearly company retainer fee and registered address retainer fee, we offer one of the best value in the market with Company Secretary retainer fee at RM680 & RM288 for registered address fee per annum.

The process for the incorporation takes 1 to 1.5 weeks for the incorporation to be completed.

Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon.


Edwina says:

I would like to get business license for daycare centre.

Could you kindly quote me your best price for the service.

Thank you.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Edwina,

Thank you for getting in touch. My colleague will email you with the details that you are after.
Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a email at or


Dr. Young says:

Dear Paul,

I intend to form a branch office of my foreign company in Malaysia for the purposes of boat / yacht registration.

The vessel would be purchased in the name of the Malaysia branch office and registered in Malaysia.

Please advise the best course of action and the estimated fees.

Thank you.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Dr Young,

Our dedicated Corporate Specialist will email you with the details that you are after.

Should you have any more questions, or to set up an appointment, please do not hesitate to drop us a email at or


Maslina Abd Malek says:

Dear Sir

I am enquiring on behalf of my company in Singapore on setting up a representative office in Kuala Lumpur.

Understand from MIDA that there will be no fees imposed for the registration of the Representative Office in Malaysia. Are there any other charges that we need to take note of? Licence? Taxation? and etc.

Best regards

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Maslina,

As the application for representative office is not straight forward and a lot of follow up is required, the common practice is that foreign companies will engage a professional firm like ourselves to handle the entire process for them. Our dedicated Corporate Specialist will be in touch soon with a more detailed response to your query.

Best Regards,

Armstrong says:

Dear Sir/Mam. I would like to Start a Restaurant in KL, is it possible to get any Visa for me under the New Company-(Not Registered a Company yet).

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Armstrong,

Thank you for your enquiry. Our sales team has already gotten in touch with you. Our dedicated Corporate Specialists are experienced in handling the incorporation process in Malaysia and setting up a company is now easier than ever thanks to our iBizFile system. We look forward to a fruitful working relationship 🙂


Omair Haroon says:


I am interested in opening a company for export of Palm oil from Malaysia. I am a foreigner and will require export license. Can you kindly provide me in depth details about the costs for registration of such company and obtaining of all documents required for starting export. Also inform what will be the charges for annual renewal and tax liabilities.


Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Omair,

We would be glad to advise you, please drop us an email at to setup an appointment and discussion with our Corporate Specialist who will assist you with all the information you require.

Best Regards,

Ysabelle Kim says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a foreigner currently staying in Malaysia, and I am seeking advise regarding setting up a Sdn. Bhd. May I have a contact email of your company so that we can discuss further?
Thank you.


Paul says:

Dear Kim,
You can look into or incorporation package with employment pass. Please do drop us a note using our contact form or email to so or corporate specialist can follow up with you.
Thank you

Tan says:

Hi ,

I would like to set up a dormant company in the Malaysia which share with the Malaysian. Can you provide the one-off course and yearly fees please?

Paul says:

Dear Tan,
Two keys points :
1) To qualify as a dormant company , it important not to have any sales or business activities.
2) Good news is that the Malaysia Company Act 2016 been amended that no longer need a local resident Malaysian Director.

Tan says:

Hi, yes. The malaysia office is an operation office and no sales and profit. Can you please quote a fees to me ?

Soon says:


I am a Malaysian working for a Thai company, our HQ intend to set up an legal entity here. To import prds from indonesia and distribute in malaysia. Seek your advise on the set up typre and indicative cost. Another question – can shareholders & directors 100% foreigner? Thanks

Paul says:

Dear Soon
The type of company to setup should be a Sdn Bhd (Private Limited company Limited by Shares)

and Yes the Director and Shareholder can be 100% foreigner according to the latest Malaysia Company Act 2016


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