Boasts of serving around 600 Million people with a combined GDP of $2.4 trillion. You might consider a Labuan International Company to boost your business.


Labuan company for ASEAN market

Looking to do business in a market with unprecedented growth? Well, look further than the ASEAN market. This market boasts serving around 600 million people with a combined GDP of $2.4 trillion. However, if you are looking at reaping maximum benefits from this incredible market, you might consider a Labuan International Company. With such a company, you are guaranteed that your business will be strategically positioned in order to penetrate the market.

Why the ASEAN market?

The ASEAN market presents numerous dynamics that prove the profitability of this market. With over 600 million people and young disposable income, you surely would not like to miss out on this rare opportunity to boost your business. Would you? However, the main benefit of joining the ASEAN market is the lower tariffs offered.

Structuring your ASEAN business with a Labuan company

You do not require numerous entities in order to conduct business with ASEAN countries. You only require a Labuan company that will penetrate the ASEAN market from one point. This makes it easier to do business in terms of management and operational costs. That said, you need to consider the objectives of your business before structuring the Labuan business.

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Why use a Labuan Company in the ASEAN market?

By using a Labuan company, you are assured of smooth operations in your business. In addition, most of your business needs will be fulfilled by using a Labuan company. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Attractive tax rates

You will enjoy the best corporate tax rates which enable you to boost your income levels.

  • Developed infrastructure

With the well-developed facilities, you no longer have to worry about your goods reaching the market on time.

  • Low operation costs

The costs of operation will definitely be lower. This can be attributed to the readily available market.

  • Financing services

Looking for resources to fund your trade activities? No need to worry. With a Labuan company you can easily access financial funding that will enable you continue with your business operations.

  • Available employment

With the huge population in the ASEAN market, finding the required human resource should not be difficult. Additionally, with the huge profit margins you expect to make, compensating the human labor should not be a challenge either.



A Labuan company allows you to enjoy numerous benefits that put you in a better place to develop your business without straining too much. You now know how to penetrate one incredibly vibrant market. Right?