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Certified Public Accountants Malaysia – Paul Hype Page & Co, a public accounting firm, we are a full practicing member of ICPAS, providing audit services in Malaysia and able to issue IRAS approved audit report from $4,500 onward.

Our audit professionals provide a range of independent audit services in Malaysia based on a strong knowledge of accounting principles. These are complemented by an appropriate knowledge of business systems, processes and controls.

Our audit services :

  • Annual Financial Audit
  • Special Purpose Audit/Certification for Subsidy Claim Audit

Paul Hype Page & Co is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and member of an International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) that offers auditing services which would add credibility to your company’s information provided to your shareholders. We also provide assurance to investors and other providers of finance who are able to make their decisions in a safe environment, with confidence. This safety and confidence would reduce the cost of capital and your company is more competitive and profitable.

Annual Financial Audit

Our Annual Financial Audit approach is based on an understanding of our clients’ business processes, goals, and strategies. This enables us to identify and assess the risks that impact their business and achievement of goals

We understand how important it is for you to maintain business as usual during the audit process, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. We will also work with you to identify weaknesses and assist with suggested rectification procedures.

Statutory audit not only requires the review of financial information and application of regulation, but there also needs to be support; support for the accountants completing the compliance, the trustee and the members. Our team of specialists can be relied on to not only identify issues but to also provide assistance and guidance according to the International Auditing Standards and compliance with the requirements of Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

As Malaysia is transitioning to adopt the Financial Reporting Standards, our professional auditors are prepared to guide your finance department on the complexity of changes and keep you updated on current and upcoming amendments so that your financial statements remain relevant and fully compliant at all times.

Advantages of Auditing

A true and fair financial statement may be able to satisfy the following:

  • Satisfy stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and pressure group, as well as the investing community, as to the credibility of published information
  • Facilitate the payment of corporate tax, goods and services tax, and other taxes on time and accurately, thereby avoiding interest, penalties and investigations
  • Enable company to comply with banking covenants
  • Help to deter and detect material fraud and error.
  • Facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses
  • Take advantage of the spin-off benefits such as advice on the structure and operations of systems
  • Demonstrate good corporate governance and citizenship

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Malaysia’s Financial Reporting and Auditing Framework

Statutory Financial Statements

Under the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia (“CA”), all companies, regardless of the size incorporated must submit audited financial statements annually.

By law, doing business in Malaysia registered as a sole proprietor or partnership, is not required to have its financial statements audited annually.

After no more than eighteen months of the incorporation of a company, every company must lay before the company’s annual audited financial statements at its annual general meeting (“AGM”) at least once in every calendar year in intervals of not more than fifteen months. The period for the audited financial statements must precede the financial period (or since the incorporation of the company) made up to a date not more than six months before the date of the AGM.

After 2 months of the financial year/period, public listed entities are required to lodge unaudited results with Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”). The results include for the 4th quarter interim as well as the annual results for the full year or period.

Financial Reporting Framework

The Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards, approved accounting standards must be complied by all Malaysian companies. These standards are fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and only contain a small number of additional requirements specific to Malaysia.

In July 2009, The Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (“MPERS”) is word-for-word the IFRS for SMEs issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”). This excludes income tax and property development activities requirements.

As IASB is currently having a review of IFRS for SMEs, they have issued an Exposure Draft of proposed amendments in October 2013. If IFRS for SMEs revised the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board will update the MPERS requirements. All private entities shall apply the MPERS for their financial statements beginning on or after 1 January 2016.

Statutory Requirements

All companies mentioned above require their statutory reports to be lodged annually to the Registrar of Companies. Within one month of the AGM, all companies are to lodge the annual return that includes:

  • A copy of the last audited financial statements comprising the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts certified by a director, manager or secretary of the company (including every document required to be attached thereto); and
  • A certified copy of the auditor’s report.

For an exempt private company that is solvent, a director, a company secretary or an auditor stating state can sign the certificate of attachment for the audited financial statements:

  • The company is an exempt private company;
  • The audited financial statements in compliance with the provisions of the CA, has been tabled in the company’s AGM; and
  • The company is able to meet its liabilities as and when they due, as at the date of the audited financial statements.

An exempt private company is a private company having not more than 20 members (or shareholders), none of whom are corporations having direct or indirect interest in its shares.

Audit Appointments, Rotation and Joint Audits

Malaysian auditors normally hold office until their client’s hold the next company AGM. The auditors may be appointed or removed at any time but if it is done outside of the AGM, the company must hold and Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders.

In regards to mandatory rotation of audit firms, Malaysia does not have any rules, but there are guidelines within the ethical standards regarding the senior personnel rotation for the public interest entities. In accordance with the By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (“MIA”) (“By-Laws”), in respect of an audit of a public interest entity, an individual shall not be a key audit partner for more than five years and after such time, the individual shall not be a member of the engagement team or key audit partner for the client for two years.

Whilst not prohibited, joint audits are quite rare in Malaysia.

Auditing Standards

In Malaysia, all auditing standards are undertaken by the MIA and Malaysia has fully adopted the International Standards on Auditing of the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, published by the International Federation of Accountants (“IFAC”), effective for audits of financial periods beginning on or after 1 January 2010. Auditors in Malaysia are also required to fully comply with International Standards on Quality Control 1 (“ISQC 1”) on the system of quality control.

Ethical Framework

Published by the IFAC in April 2010, the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants of the International Ethics Standards Board of Accountants came into effect on 1 January 2011 unless otherwise stated therein. The By-laws are substantially based on this with some additional local requirements specific to Malaysia.

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