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Chosen to set up a Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia should prepare adequately and possess suitable resources for doing so. A Sdn Bhd company is a company which has limited liability.

Those who have chosen to set up a Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia should prepare adequately and possess suitable resources for doing so. A Sdn Bhd company is a company which has limited liability. It allows entrepreneurs to separate their finances and assets from those of the business. After a successful registration, owners expect to reap benefits from this lifelong investment. It is, therefore, important to be aware of the advantages and benefits of having a new Sdn Bhd (private limited) company in Malaysia before setting one up.

Limited Liability

The concept of limited liability protects business owners’ personal wealth. This has led to many Malaysians choosing to start a limited liability company; the financial security is an appealing benefit. The company’s shareholders are only liable for debts accrued by the company in accordance with their levels of investment and not any more than what they are able to pay. No one involved with the company can possibly lose any amount of money beyond the capital which they have invested in the company. Therefore, those who have invested in a Sdn Bhd company also receive financial security.

Status as a Separate Entity 

A Sdn Bhd company is a separate legal entity from its owners. Its status as a separate legal entity allows it to be in operation regardless of the identities of its founders, directors, and shareholders. Any deaths or retirements will have no effect as the company will continue to exist and operate unless it is dissolved; this fact separates Sdn Bhd companies from partnerships and sole proprietorships. It also increases the stability of a Sdn Bhd company. A Sdn Bhd company has the rights to acquire assets, enter into contracts, and sue or be sued.

Transferability of Ownership

A shareholder of a limited company in Malaysia is allowed to sell or transfer shares to any person of the shareholder’s choice as long as the potential buyer can afford the shares. This is not the case with partnerships or sole proprietorships because doing so would involve selling the entire business and discontinuing business operations.

Tax Advantages

Sdn Bhd companies benefit from certain tax advantages. They are only taxed based on their profits and are therefore not required to pay any additional taxes.

Increased Access to Capital Funding

Any business needs an adequate supply of financial resources. Fortunately for those who own a Sdn Bhd company, it is relatively simple for such companies to raise money either by issuing bonds or share certificates to investors. This allows the business to expand. Sdn Bhd companies are allowed to borrow money from banks at lower rates when compared to rates paid by other business entities. Financial institutions tend to view loans for Sdn Bhd companies as less risky compared to loans for other business entities.

Positive Reputation

The general business community and investors perceive Sdn Bhd companies in Malaysia to be more stable and transparent when compared to sole proprietorships and partnerships because they operate more openly. They also have stringent reporting requirements and are therefore less fraudulent.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore


Reduced Travel Costs

The owner of a limited company can choose to set up the company in any desired location deemed to be conducive. Therefore, the owner may select a location in which travel costs may be greatly reduced. This will allow the owner to save tremendous amounts of money on travel to work.

Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia

Reduced Rental Costs

Setting up a company in Malaysia can be expensive. The high rental costs may lead to difficulties in acquiring office space. Fortunately for Sdn Bhd company owners, it is relatively simple for them to select a location in which rental costs are relatively low.


Flexibility of Revenue Distribution

The owner of a Sdn Bhd company benefits from the advantage of being able to distribute the company’s revenue as is deemed to be suitable. Company owners determine the value of salaries, directors’ fees, bonuses, dividends, and other benefits. They also dictate how much money is to be reinvested into business operations.


Deductible Expenses

Sdn Bhd companies may claim expenses such as charitable donations and entertainment expenses as deductible; sole proprietorships and partnerships may not do so because such expenses paid by those business entities are regarded as personal expenses.



There are many business opportunities available in Malaysia. Those planning to set up a Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia must understand all the advantages they can derive from doing so. Understanding and subsequently using these advantages will enable business owners to receive value for investments made. Therefore, those who are involved in the successful setting up of a local Malaysian company will enjoy many benefits.


Advantages of Having Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia FAQs

Are Foreigners allowed to set up a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia?2020-04-27T15:17:22+08:00

Malaysia’s company laws allow people of any nationality to set up a Sdn Bhd company there. Conversely, foreigners may not start a sole proprietorship or partnership in Malaysia. 

Is it possible to dissolve a Sdn Bhd Company2020-04-27T15:16:41+08:00

Although a Sdn Bhd has everlasting business continuity, it may nevertheless be dissolved. Of course, all the steps of company dissolution must be completed before such may take place. 

Must Every Sdn Bhd Company have shareholders?2020-04-27T15:15:46+08:00

All Sdn Bhd companies are required to have shareholders before they many conduct business operations. It is illegal for such a company to operate if it does not have any shareholders.

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